Apprenticeships allow high school graduates to immediately start working – and start earning money. You can also earn college-level credits for free! Check out the opportunities below:

Earn Six Figures without a
Four-Year Degree

An apprenticeship is the other four-year degree. You can earn while you learn immediately after graduating high school with many perks, including:

  • No college degree required – with a potential to make $100,000 + a year
  • No college debt! Many apprenticeships allow you to earn college credits for free while you work
  • Earn while you learn! You receive on-the-job paid training from the first day
  • Job security! Skilled labor is in the demand. There are more than 15,000 construction jobs open right now!
  • Great benefits! If you start working at age 19, you could retire by age 49!
  • Talk to your school counselor to learn more about apprenticeships

Apprenticeships By The Numbers


number of construction
jobs open right now


potential salary you could make
without a college degree


if you start working at age 19
you could retire by age 49


the amount of student loan debt
you incur with an apprenticeship